Wildlife Projects

Actinopterygii (Ray finned fish)

General Surveys

Burback, Britney (2010) A Preliminary Study of the Fishes in the Batali River Mouth, the Checkhall River, the Castle Bruce River Mouth and Middleham Falls Pool in Dominica W.I.

Cotten, Taylor, Sadra Daniels, Sarah Null, and Beth Smith (2005) Survey of Fishes in Deep Water Near Rodney’s Rock

Duffel, Ali, Emily Donohoe, Justin Girdler, and Jeremy Rice (2004) Comparison of Pool and Riffle Fauna in the Check Hall River

Ewell, Kristal (2005) A Study of Fish Abundance South of Rodney’s Rock

Hoffman, Kristy, Kristal Ewell, Lauren Minnich, and Rachel Tan (2005) Diversity of Shallow Reef Fish at Rodney’s Rock

Koehler, Alison, Darcy Koehn, Rachel Mohr, Jason Sweny, and William Wells (2003) A Survey of Fish on Rock Bob

Wakefield, Elizabeth (2011) A Photographic Field Guide to Fish Species at Scott’s Head and Champagne Reef

Gobiescoiformes (Clingfishes)

Dannenfelser, Chloe (2019) First Record of Tomicodon sp. on Salybia Reef, Northeastern Trinidad

Perciformes (Perch-like fish)

Adams, Dayvion, Anita Boggs, Sarah Coe, and Wendy Diaz (2016) Which species of Sicydium Gobies are Present on the Island of Dominica, West Indies?

Anderson, Luke, Mandy Stanford, and Jessica Weems (2001) Interspecific Competition of Stegastes fuscus

Barclay, Jeannette L. (2009) A Survey of Sacaridae on Champagne Marine Reserve, Dominica WI

Bradshaw, Chris (2000) Flow Rateand the Density of Gobiidae, Sicydium punctatum, in Dominica

Brawner, Briana, Stephen Ross, Kyle Wallace, and Rickey Wallace (2007) A Study of the Comparative Densities of Parrotfish on the North and South Side of Rodney’s Rock

Burback, Britney, Loni Cantu, and Kinnie Eijsink (2010) Habitat Study of Sicydium species at the Checkhall River: The Correlation Between Velocity, Depth, Dissolved Oxygen, and Substrate in Relation to Goby Fish Abundance

Cabrera, Fernanda, Kelsey English, and Kiersten Wiley (2012) Attacks on Sergeant Major Fish Nests Verses Size and Color and Male Sergeant Major

Corrington, Chase (2017) Preferential Habitat and Spatial Distribution o f3 Species of Sicydiine Gobies (Genus Sicydium) based on substrate and flow rate within the Checkhall River

Cunningham, G., L. Fann, N. Gill, K. Keith-Hillhouse, and E. McGrew (2015) Microhabitat Preference and Coloration of the Freshwater Clingfish Gobiesox cephalus (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from Two Dominican Rivers

Diaz, Wendy (2016) An Investigation of Substrate Scrapping Behavior in Three Species of Sicydiine Gobies (genus Sicydium) Inhabiting Freshwater Streams on Dominica, West Indies

Duffel, Ali, Emily Donohoe, Justin Girdler, and Jeremy Rice (2004) Comparison of Pool and Riffle Fauna in the Check Hall River

Dunn,Samantha (2011) Intraspecies and Interspecies Interactions of the Male Bluehead Wrasse, Thalasomma bifasciatum, at Champagne Bay and Scott’s Head, Dominica

Felix, Michele (2004) Age Distribution of Bluehead Wrasse, Thalassoma bifasciatum, at Tarou Point and Champagne

Flores,Rosanna (2003) Observations of Territorial Behavior of Stegastes fuscus

Forks, Kaitlyn, Melissa Hopkins, Sarah Veillon, Whitney Ward (2014) The Diet of the Freshwater Clingfish, Gobiesox cephalus (Teleostei: Gobiescidae)

Hemingson,Christopher (2013) A Study of Sicydium punctatum: the Correlation Between Goby Size and River Flow Rate

Libson, Monika (2011) Nesting Behavior of the Male Sergeant Major

Pugh, Megan (2005) Territorial habits of Stegastes fuscus

Rice, Jeremy (2004) Territorial Nature of Sicydium punctatum

Sklar, Ariel (2010) General Behavior of the Male Bluehead Wrasse, Thalassoma bifasciatum, at Champagne Bay and Scott’s Head, Dominica

Stankey, Matthew (2013) Behavioral Study of Sicydium punctatum in the Checkhall River

Stockman, Reagan (2010) Comparison of Reef Fish Populations at Two Sites Off the Southwest Shore of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Venable, Clint (2004) Territorial Behavior in the Redlip Blenny

Wachter, MIchael (2009) Territorial Behavior of the Dusky Damselfish, Stegastes fuscus, at Champagne Reef

Aciculata (Fireworms)

Campbell, Carolyn (2006) Density of Bearded Fireworms in Dominica

Megadrilacea (Earthworms)

Hemingson, Christopher, and Marissa Rowley (2013) Earthworm Sampling: A Study of the Density and Diversity of Earthworms Present on the Island of Dominica for use in Organic Farming

Amphibia (Amphibians)

Mullen, Carter, and Shannon Powers (1998) Herpetological Field Guide

Powers, Shannon (1998) Comparison of Distribution and Abundance of Herps in a Burned Area and a Forested Area 

Vale, Arturo (2002) A Characterization, Correlation, and Comparison of Tree Gecko and Tink Frog Vocalizations of Dominica

Anura (Frogs)

Ajayi, Adetokunbo (2001) The Territorial Behavior of the Mountain Chicken

Bayless, Brooke (2005) Diet Study of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis and Anolis oculatus

Brawner, Briana (2007) A Study of the Correlation Between Length of Limb and Height Captured of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis

Casillas, Gaston (2013) Soundscape Ecology of Tink Frogs

Coe, Sarah (2016) An Investigation of Color Pattern Variation in the Tink Frog, Eleutherodactylus martinicensis, at the Archbold Tropical Research and Education Center in Dominica, West Indies

Eldridge, Devon (2017) The Relationship Between Vocalizations of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis and Body Size

Ferguson,Candice (2013) Vocalizations of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis as a function of distances from a stream in Dominica

Fontenot, Brian, Jason Snelgrove, and Catherine Zindler (1999) Calling Site and Body Size Evaluation of Leptodactylus fallax

Korth, Kelly, and Sara Melton (2008) Intraspecific and Interspecific Comparisons of Frog Vocalizations on Dominica

Martin, Courtney (2001) The Abundance of Eleutherodactylus martininces from a Water Source

Melton, Sara (2008) Male Population Density of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis at Springfield Plantation

Millican, Jonathan (2002) Similarities Among Tink Frog Calls in Secondary Rainforest of Dominica Island

Mullen, Carter (1998) Frog Density in the Rainforest

Roesner, J.F. and J.S. Heath (2000) Environmental Factors Influencing Habitat Selection of Leptodactylus fallax

Sarkhosh, Sarah (2012) Relationships Between Morphology and Rainforest Type in Eleutherodactylus martinicensis

Skinner, Kaitlyn (2019) On the Toad Again: A Study of Cane Toad (Rhinella marina) Tick Infections in Northeastern Trinidad

Veillon, Sarah (2014) Variation in Calls of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis

Ward, Whitney (2014) An Analysis of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis Vocalizations as a Function of Rain forest Elevation Modifications

Wenner, Taylor (2016) Vocalizations of the Frog Eleutherodactylus martinicensis in Relation to Temperature

Wolman, Whit (2002) Tink Frog Density



Brooks, Ashley M. (2008) Diagnoses of Chytridiomycosis on Dominica

Warrendorf, Diana (2008) Chytridiomycosis in Dominica: An Assessment of Field Practices


Anthozoa (Coral)

Akers, Lindsay, Chase Corrington, Kylee Ecker, Kristen Sarna, and Anchal Thomas (2017) Survey of Live Coral at Champagne Bay and Scott’s Head

Arnold, Lauren, Sarah Davis, Danielle Macedo, Jamie Morris, Ariel Sklar, and Regan Stockman (2010) A comparative Study of Dominican Coral Reef Health and Influencing Factors

Camp, Caitlin, Kathryn Ganter, Thomas McDaniel, and Marie Perez (2015) A Continuation of the Assessment of Coral Reef Health in the Island of Dominica

Divine, Lauren, Carolyn Campbell, Ricci Loughridge, and Travis Krause (2006) A Comparison of Brain Coral Bleaching and Water Quality at Champagne Bay and Rodney’s Rock

Encarnacion, Diana, Sarah Hurd, Neil Jones, Jessica Sannwaldt, and Haley Stehling (2014) An Assessment and Comparison of Reef Health in Dominica

George, Lindsey (2008) The Effect of Temperature on Species Composition in Subtidal Rocky Reef Zones on Champagne Reef

George, Lindsey, Selyna Nunez, Katy Schumann, and Rachel Williams (2008) Coral Richness in Relation to Depth and Water Quality at Champagne Reef

Meyer, Meagan (2002) A Photo Field Guide to Coral Species Located at Scott’s Head and Champagne Reef


Teuthida (Squid)

Morris, Jamie (2010) Mating Behavior of Caribbean Reef Squid, Sepioteuthis sepioidea


Aves (Birds)

Bayles, M. Amber (2010) Differing Insect Foraging Behaviors of Three Dominican Birdsy, the Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis), the Scaly-breasted Thrasher (Margarops fuscus), and the Brown Trembler (Cinclocerthia ruficauda)

Bishop, Micah Andrew (1999) The Effect of Terrain, Vegetation, and Other Factors on the Diversity and Distribution of Birds Indigenous to Springfield

Franzen, Petra (2003) Foraging Patterns of Dominican Birds on Carica papaya

Hixon, Sarah (2009) A Guide to Bird Calls and Songs in Dominica, WI

Hoffman, Kristy, Kristal Ewell, Lauren Minnich, and Rachel Tan (2005) Diversity of Shallow Reef Fish at Rodney’s Rock

Keith-Hillhouse, Katrina DeAnne (2015) Comparative Photographic Study of Common Lesser Antillean Avian Nectarivore Bill Morphology in Dominica

Newton, Pamela and Shannon Waterhouse (1999) Patterns in Times and Locations of Bird Captures on the Springfield Estate

Olexy, Jennifer (2003) Diversity of Shore Birds on Dominica, W.I.

Rice, Hannah (2015) Color Preferences of Two Species of Dominican Hummingbirds and Bananaquits

Smith, Megan (2013) Feeding and Foraging Behaviors of Dominican Hummingbirds and the Bananaquit in Relation to Feeder Height

Walker, Andrea (2008) A Glossary Guide to Bird Calls and Songs in Dominica, WI

Apodiformes (Hummingbirds)

Anderson, Laura (1999) The Species and Associated Microhabitats of the Springfield Estate Hummingbirds

Arnold, Lauren (2010) Hummingbird Foraging Flight and Energy Usage: A Study of Flight Forms and Time Allocation on the Island of Dominica

Barrera, Daniel (2002) Patterns in the Foraging Time of Eastern Caribbean Hummingbirds as a Function of Sucrose Concentration

Carter, Kristina (2013) A Study of the Sex-specific Interactions of Eulampis jugularis and Heliconia species on Dominica

Holstead, Audrey (2017) Study of Color and Sugar Concentration Preferences in Sericotes holosericeus and Coereba flaveola

Luong, Tina (2011) Aggression and Territoriality Among Three Dominican Hummingbirds

Reinhardt, Robin (2001) Feeding Times and Aggressive Behaviors of Dominican Hummingbirds

Roesner, J.F. (2000) Hummingbirds of Dominica and the Concentrations of Sucrose They Prefer

Sannwaldt, Jessica (2014) Feeding Habits and Behaviors of Dominican Hummingbirds

Weber, Sarah (2003) Foraging Time of the Green-Throated Carib Based on Changing Sucrose Levels of Heleconia on the Island of Dominica

Wilkins, Bethany (2009) Foraging and Aggressive Behaviors of Dominican Hummingbirds and Territorial Aggression of the Purple-throated Carib in Relation to Feeder Distribution

Passeriformes (Passerines)

Bayles, Amber and Alyson A. Klimitchek (2010) Song Variation of the Bananaquit and Lesser Antillean Bull Finch Between Mature Rainforest and Secondary Succession Forest Areas of Dominica

Bradshaw, Matti (2017) Call Response in Dendroica petechia

Gayler, Murph (2006) The Distribution, Foraging Areas and Behavior of the Flycatcher Species at Springfield, Dominica

Griffith, Autumn N. (2000) The Almighty Trembler: the Method Behind the Madness

Jo, Young Rovin (2013) Behavior of the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (Loxigilla noctis) in Dominica

Korth, Kelly (2008) Foraging Patterns and Behavior of Tyrannus dominicensis

McAfee, Eric (2000) Aggressiveness and Mating Behaviors in Loxigilla noctis

Oden, Molly (2013) Comparison of Songs Between the Four Mimid Species of Dominica

Ostiguin, Kim (1999) Observations of the Host Plants of Coereba flavelola (Bananaquit) on Springfield

Palacios, Monica (2009) Vocal Behavior of the Rufous-Throated Solitaire in Dominica, WI

Quick, Debbie (2001) Feeding Behavior of Lesser Antillean Bullfinch

Reimer, Marsha May (1998) The Trembler’s Tremble

Talbert, Clint, Priscilla Coulter, and Kelly Bronstad (1998) Behavior of the Mountain Whistler in Dominica

Stroud, Meredith (2015) Song Variation of the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch in Different Locations of Dominica

Whitmire, Amanda (2009) Feeding Habits of the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch

Wiley, Kiersten (2012) Comparison of Calls of the Rufous-Throated Solitaire in Different Locations on Dominica

Psittaciformes (Parrots)

Cunningham,Grace (2015) Biparental Care Patterns of Amazona imperialis and Amazona arausiaca in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Kreuter,Lara (2013) Survey of Amazona imperialis on the Island of Dominica

Minarcik, Ali (2010) Conservation Status and Recovery of Amazona imperialis and Amazona arausiaca on the Island of Dominica


Chiroptera (Bats)

Adams, Noelle, Rosanna Flores, Sarah Weber, and Corinne Young (2003) Differences in Reproductive Cycles and Pregnancy Affecting Foraging Heights in Dominican Bats

Alexander, Kristen (2007) A Select Survey of Roosting Sites and Flight Corridors of Bats in Dominica, West Indies

Bach, Emily (2013) A Study Determining Dominican Bat Species Using Echolocation Call Structure

Biernat, Angelica, Meghan Kirk, Sam Noynaert, Angelica Skeeles (2000) Echolocation Call Sequences of the Dominican Bats Molossus molossus and Tadarida brasiliensis

Bradshaw, Mattie, Devon Eldrige, and Audry Holstead (2017) Streblidae Association with Different Bat Species and Genders

Brooks, Ashley, M, Christine L. Richmond, and Diana L. Warrendorf (2008) Flight Speeds of Artibeus jamaicensis and Monophyllus plethodon

Cotten, Taylor (2005) Bat Netting Strategies on Dominica

Corso, Mandy (2008) Population Estimate of the Chiropteran Emergence at Stinking Hole, Dominica

Crocker, Ashton V. (2004) Design and Use of a Harp Trap for Assessment of Resident Microchiropteran Species and Associated Ectoparasites at Stinking Hole, Dominica

Crocker, Ashton, Clink Venable, and Kristy Venable (2004) Thermoregulation in Microchiroptera: a Study of a Resident Population of Tadarida brasiliensis at Massacre Cave, Dominica, West Indies

Davis, Sarah (2010) A Comparative Study of Morphological Characteristics Between Fruit-Eating and Insect-Eating Bats of Dominica

Duffie, Laura (2010) A Coimparison of Factors Affecting Bat Maneuverability Around a Stationary Obstacle

Gerrity, David (2012) Sexual Dimorphism and Observations of Sexual Differences in Behavior in Molossus molossus

Gerrity, David J., Katheryn Demarest, Travis Pruitt, Sarah Sarkhosh, and Andrea M. James (2012) A Study of Echolocation Calls of the Bats of Dominica

Hunter, Devera D. (2001) Comparative Study of Sexual Dimorphism in Six Species of Dominican Bats

Kirk, Meghan (2000) Investigating Sexual Dimorphism in Four Species of Dominican Bats

Labrenz, Cary (1998) Species Diversity of Bats at Springfield Estate

Labrenz, Cary, Natalie Holzen, Jana Mullinax, Laurie Warriner, and Alyssa Kubiak (1998) Ecology of Dominican Bats

Franzen, Petra, Jennifer Olexy, and Jessica Miedema (2003) Diversity of Bat Species in Selected Habitats of Dominica

Hopkins, Melissa (2014) Sexual Dimorphism in Artibeus jamaicensis 

Jimenez, Patricia Citlally (2011) Activity Pattern of Dominica Bats

Medina Heather (2011) Characteristics of Echolocation Calls of Bats in Dominica

Moore, Jessica, Morgan Kohut, and Jarrod Comte (2007) Molossus molossus Distress Sounds

More, Jessica (2007) Vocalizations of Molossus molossus

Moore, Brittany, Hannah Rice, and Meredith Stroud (2015) Diversity of Bat Species Across Dominica

Mullinax, Jana and Natalie Holzen (1998) Study of Tadarida brasiliensis and Molossus molossus including: Frequencies Emetted, Foragin Times, Flight Patterns, Sexual Dimorphism

Newton, Pamela (1999) Possible Causes of Reduction in Bat Captures on the Springfield Estate

Pruitt, Travis (2012) Sexual Dimorphism in Monophyllus plethodon

Smith, Beth (2005) A Comparison of Maneuverability of Fruit-Eating and Insect-Eating Bats of Dominica

Swick, Holli and Melissa Bennett (2001) Echolocation Calls of Dominican Bats

Taylor, Hannah (2005) The Comparison of Insectivorous and Frugivorous Bat Species in Two Different Enviornments

Towers, Lloyd W. (2007) A Photographic Field Guide to the Bats of the West Indian Island of Dominica

Wade, Nicole (2000) Emergence Behaviors of Dominican Bats: Molossus molossus, Monophyllus plethedon, Natalus stramineus and Tadarida brasiliensis

Wade, Nicole and Chris Bradshaw (2000) Roosting Site Preferences of Artibeus jamaicensis, Natalus stramineus, Monophyllus plethodon, Molossus molossus, and Tadarida brasiliensis in Dominica

Warriner, Laurie and Alyssa Kubiak (1998) Ectoparasites of Dominican Bats in Springfield

Waterhouse, Shannon (1999) Effects of Nature on Mist Netting for Dominican Bats

Whitmire, Amanda, Bethan Wilkins, Sarah Hixon, and Brian Miculka (2009) Morphology and Flight Speeds of Artibeus jamaicensis, Sturnira lilium, Tadarida brasiliensis, and Pteronotus davyi

Echinoidea (Sea Urchins)

Dabney, Robyn (2009) A Study of the Abundance of Diadema antillarum in Relation to Coral Abundance at Champagne Reef, Dominica, W.I.

Divine, Lauren (2006) The Association of Urchin Density and Phytoplankton Abundance at Rodney’s Rock and Champagne Bay, Dominica

Felix, Michele, Cassie Kalinec, Julia Lemmon, Carl Raetzsch, A.J. Vale, and Andrew Woolley (2004) Sea Urchin Density Along a Depth Gradient at Rodney’s Rock and Champagne Bay, Dominica

Macedo, Danielle (2010) A Study of the Abundance of Diadema antillarum Relative to the Benthic Coverage of Dominica

Schumann, Katy (2008) The Population Density of Diadema antillarum at Champagne Reef at Scott’s Head Soufriere Marine Reserve

Standford, Mandy (2001) The Abundance of Diadema antillarum at Rodney’s Rock

Wallace, Rickey (2007) Frequency of Percnon gibbesi in relation to Diadema antillarum at Rodney’s Rock



Locke, Mason L. (2008) Livestock on the Island of Dominica

Malacostraca (Malacostracans)

Decapoda (Crayfish, Crabs, Lobsters, Prawns, Shrimp)

Alander, Kerstin, Emily Bach, Emily Crews, and Megan Smith (2013) Distribution of Hermit Crab Sizes on the Island of Dominica

Augustine, Sarah, Autumn Griffith, Charlie Johnson, and Hee Kim (2000) Field Guide to Prawns of the Check Hall River

Biernat, Angelica (2000) Territorial Behavior in Dominican Land Crabs Gecarcinus ruricola and Gecarcinus lateralis

Garcia-Lozano,Alan (2012) Guinotia denetata Attraction to Color Introduced to Mimic their Burrows and Nocturnal Behaviour

Harling, John (2017) Study of Guinotia dentata Movements Relating to Water Sources and Burrows

Harling, John and Travis Doggett (2017) Prawn Population Diversity in the Check

Hoffman, Jennifer (2001) A Study of Location and Occupancy of Gecarcinus riricola Burrows in Dominica

Jones, Neil Sheppard Cort (2014) Analysis of Claw Size in Guinotia dentata

Kim, Hee (2000) Habitat Preference of Prawns Found in the Check Hall River

Koehler, Allison (2003) Feeding Preferences of Prawns in the Check Hall River

Lemmon, Julia (2004) Quick-Reference Pictorial Key to the Prawns of the Check Hall River

Meyer, Stephen (2007) Microhabitat Selection in Xiphocarpus elongata with Respect to Light Intensity

Miculka, Bryan (2009) Burrowin gHabits, Habitat Selections, adn Behaviors of Four Common Dominican Land Crabs; Guinotia dentata, Gecarcinus lateralis, Gecarcinus ruricola, and Cardisoma guanhumi

Morrison, Will (2002) Interspecies Competition of Prawns in the Checkhall River

Pemberton, Guy Luke (2019) An Analysis of Claw Strength in Mudflat Fiddler Crabs (Uca rapax)

Roberts, Matthew (2001) Pool Volume and Macrobrachium in the Check Hall River

Rowley, Marissa (2013) Interspecific Competition Between Prawns in the Checkhall River

Stehling, Haley (2014) Analysis of Soil Moisture in the Guinotia dentata Crab Burrows of Dominica

Swick, Holly (2001) Effective of Stream Flow on Distribution of Prawns in the Check Hall River

Venable, Kristy (2004) Photographic Guide to the Freshwater and Terrestrial Crabs of Dominica

Wallace, Rickey (2007) Frequency of Percnon gibbesi in relation to Diadema antillarum at Rodney’s Rock

Zemanek, Zachary (2011) A Preliminary Study of Sicydium and Prawn Population Density of Pools in the Spring Field River Above and Below Road Construction


Bower, Brittney (2019) Diversity of Marine Amphipoda in Northeast Trinidad

Mollusca (Mollusks)

Gastropoda (Snails and Slugs)

Adams, Noelle (2003) Height in Relation to Splash Zone of Snail Populations on Champagne Beach

Teuthida (Squids)

Williams, Rachel (2008) Caribbean Reef Squid, Sepioteuthis sepioidea, Coloration and Behavior

Reptilia (Reptiles)

Squamata (Lizards and Snakes)

Casillas Gaston, Kristina Carter, Lara Kreuter, Candice Ferguson, and Alejandra Mendez (2013) Size Variation in Anolis oculatus Between Dominican Habitats

Demarest, Katheryn (2012) Characteristics o Thecadactylus rapicauda Vocalizations in Dominica

Doggett, Travis (2017) A Survey and Discussion of the Geographical Range of Anolis cristatellus

Ecker, Jayne K (2017) The Habits of the Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima)

Encaracion, Diana (2014) A Comparison among Ameiva fuscata Between Habitats and Sexual/Age Groups

Ferrara, Samara (2003) Anolis oculatus Habitat Selection

Fontenot, Brian (1999) Thermoregulatory Patterns of Anolis occulatus and Ameiva fuscata

Forks, Kaitlyn (2014) Sexual Dimorphism in Anolis oculatus

Gill, Nicholas (2015) Total Morphological Comparison Between Anolis oculatus and Anolis cristatellus

Girdler, Justin (2004) Microclimate Regulation of Anolis oculatus on the Island of Dominica

Loughridge, Ricci (2006) Ecomorphs of Anolis on Dominica: The Relationship of Morphology to Performance

MacNames, Ross (2013) Territorial Behavior in Anolis oculatus and Anolis cristatellus

MacNames, Ross, Molly Oden, Sierra Padilla, and Matt Stankey (2013) Morphological Differences Between Three Common Dominican Snake Species

McDaniel, Thomas (2015) A Comparison of Activity Time and Thermal Preferences Between Ameiva fuscata Age Groups

McGrew, Erin (2015) A Survey and Discussion of the Invasive Anolis cristatellus and the Endemic Anolis oculatus

Moore, Brittany (2015) Diversity of Alsophis sibonius Color Patterns

Morrison, Will, Lori Valentine, Michael Kerehgyorto, and Adam Burklund (2002) Anole Density and Biomass in Dominica

Patterson, Bailey (2011) Morphological Variation Between the Endemic Anolis oculatus and the invasive Anolis cristatellus

Perez, Marie (2015) A Comparison of Morphological Differences Between Gymnophthalmus spp. in Dominica, West Indies

Priesmeyer, Whitney J. (2006) Observations on Iguana delicatissima and Conservation Status on Dominica

Raetszch, Carl (2004) Size and Morphology of Anolis oculatus Along an Elevation Gradient at Selected Areas of Dominica

Reinhart, Sammy (2010) A Survey and Discussion of the Invasion of Anolis cristatellus and its effects on the endemic Anolis oculatus

Tarbox, Geoffrey (2005) habitat Selection by Dominica Anoles

Valentine, Lori (2002) Morphological Variation in Anolis oculatus Between Dominican Habitats

Testudines (Sea Turtles)

Munse, Jennifer (2006) Leatherback Sea Turtle Nesting in Dominica



Groneman, Megan (2009) Observation of Dasyprocta leporina Effects on Dispersal of Large Seeds

James, Andrea M. (2012) The Agouti of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dasyprocta leporina

Koehn, Darcy (2003) A Survey of Rat Populations at Springfield Plantation

Ladigo, Amanda, Mason Locke, Andrea Walker, and Michelle Wood (2008) Rodent Sampling at Archbold Tropical Rsearch and Education Center

Sagebiel, Kayla (2006) Dasyprocta leporina Agoutis on Dominica


General Surveys

Patel, Megha, Meghan Pugh, Ariana Y. Renteria, Geoffrey Tarbox, and Hannah Tayor (2005) Herpetofauna Density in Dominica

Quick, Brandi (2001) A Field guide to the herpetofauna on Dominica, W.I.

Wilcox, Adam (2011) Photographic Field Guide to the Marine Invertebrates of Dominica


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