Student Persepectives: John Harling

Date: 6/9/2017

Approximatly 82 F at ATREC
We were in the clouds part of th etime on the hike.
There was minimial rain and the rest of th etime it was sunny and cloudy

Places Visited:
Boiling Lake
Archbold Tropical Research Education Center (ATREC)

Progress on Projects:
Travis submitted our prawn project report for us while I was hiking

Other activities of note:
We hiked to boiling lake today, which was located in Morne Trais Pitons National Park
I sent my parent an email today
We swam in Titou Gorge

Impressions and Reflections:

The hike to Boiling Lake was the best hike of the trip. It was also the last hike of the trip to Dominica which is sad.

The valley of Desolation smelled like eggs but eventually i got used to it and that part of the hike was great. Someone cooked eggs int he hot water which I thought was a good idea.

The color of the water throughout the hike was very interesting. I saw clear, gray, black, orange, and white water.

The swim at the end of the hike was great. The water was very clear and we got to jump off a small ledge. This location was the same spot that a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.

Pelecanus occidentalis
Mangifera indica

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