Student Journal Entry: Travis Doggett

Day 6 5/29/17
Weather: Rained almost all day with some sun, 70s-80s

New Habitats:
Hiked through rain forest up to Middleham falls. Saw several species of unique vegetation. During the hike observed a site called stinking hole which had a distinguishable odor and is a large cave in the ground holding up to 60,000 bats. Additionally the water fall was quite a site, albeit a risky endeavor to walk around on the extremely slick rocks.

Progress on Projects:
Not a project intensive day on either front. Five anoles seen on the hike, one paralyzed, but all were Oculatus. No prawn progress made as I was too tired to go count tonight and Jack worked on his crab solo project. Tomorrow is the journey to the north end of the island so it will be a big day for the lizard project to really get started, especially since both species of anole have been seen there by past students.

Activities of Note:
Hiked eight miles up to Middleham Falls from the station. Passed by stinking hole, several large streams with very drinkable water, and ended at the incredible waterfall. After the strenuous hike I had very little energy for much else.

Personal Notes:
Easily the hardest hike I have ever done. Crazy to think Boiling Lake is considered an even harder trek. If I hadn’t dropped my phone in the water I would have no regrets about the day through. The journey to the falls was hard but unique and gorgeous, like most of the experiences on this trip. The waterfall itself was one of the most beautiful feats of nature I have ever seen, so pretty much made all of the uphill worth it. Plus it’s always fun to suffer as a group. I consider it a bonding experience.

Someone who I was glad I got to talk to quite a bit on the way back from the trails was Dr. Bob Kimsey, the ento professor from U.S. Davis. Truly a fascinating man to talk to, so I was glad I got the chance.

After some seriously intense hiking I was rewarded with what I believe was the greatest nap of my life. I wok up thanks to Eric just in time for dinner, which consisted of green beans, rice Mahi mahi in a creamy sauce, and fried bread fruit. A contender for one of the best meals for sure. Desert was chocolate pudding with whipped cream. Not as good as the the lemon coconut, but obviously delicious.

My muscles have already begun to get quite sore. Tomorrow should still be a very fun day but dreading the moment Jack asks to go count prawns after dinner.

RIP my phone but hopefully it will be alright after a night in the rice.

New Species:
Eric’s unidentified camo cricket
Honestly, I saw very little organisms on the hike

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