Student Journal Entry: Matti


Weather: Rainy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon


Dive Dominica, Champagne Beach, Scott’s Head



Pic up was at 8 am. Devon and I were the first ones on the bus for once.

Drove to dive Dominica

Tried on flippers and had to have the guy help me because I had no idea what I was doing. He laughed because I told him I had fat feet.

Snorkeled at Champagne Beach

I inhaled about a gallon of salt water since it was my first time using a mask.

After a while I got the hang of it and was diving deep.

Saw a sea cucumber and a lot of eels. Also fish. A LOT.

Switched locations–on the way we saw some bottle nose dolphins in front of the boat.

Anchal practically lost it and cried tears of joy.

While at Scott’s head I explored a bit (was stung by a jelly fish).

Followed one fish around to see where he went.

Returned to Dive Dominica and split a WONDERFUL burger with Devon

Got back on a boat to go whale watching.

We saw 11 sperm whales, the most our professors had ever seen. It was amazing.

Also saw some Pantropical spotted dolphins. Again Anchal cried tears of joy. Our guide told us that this species will bring you back to shore if you begin to drown (aw!)

Dr. Lacher high fived a lady for studying whales.

After returning to the station, some of us went to the stream and threw rocks at Travis.

Spaghetti night was held outside since a new group of Volcanology students were coming to the station.

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