Student Journal Entry: Anchal Thomas

June 5th — I’m 21!

Project updates: Collect samples and went to Champagne beach to perform final transect. Identified Culex quincifaciatus, Culex buski, and an unknown.

Time: 7:14 AM (slept in)

Location: Springfield, Champagne beach

Weather: Beautiful.

I’m 21!!! Ugh best day ever. I slept in and was laet to breakfast but still enjoyed my two pieces of Nutella toast. Afterwards, I went down to the stream and finished collecting all of my mosquito samples. Afterwards I went upstairs and got ready and the marine group went to Champagne beach to perform our final transect (Champagne because I’m 21).

We got to the beach the the bar was closed, so no beer for me. :-(. Afterwards when we came back o Springfield, I took a nap (surprise) then came downstairs and ate dinner. But before dinner I got the incredible news that I am officially a FISH camp counselor!!! Best birthday ever!

Anyway, then came the best part of the night–Dinner!
I got to eat chicken, and THEN I WAS GREETED WITH CHOCOLATE CAKE!! Naturally, I started crying.


Then I went to the dry lab and ID’d the mosquitoes present in the traps. There was so much crap in the traps but only two mosquitoes were present. After this is was about 10:00 PM and I went downstairs to the veranda and Travis had us sing because he is the best. Now I’m, on my bed wondering how the hell I made it to 21. I’m pretty sure I’m still 12. I’m also still thinking about the incredible cake. Anyway, today was really good. I cam so blessed have such incredible parents, friends, study abroad group, and an amazing God who loves me. Okay, I’m so sentimental so I’m going to bed. Goodnight!

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