Projects 2010-2019


Alvarado, Kathryn (2019) Seed Preference of Milkweed Bugs (Oncopeltus fasciatus) (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) in Trinidad

Arguello, Sadie (2019) Fluorescent Properties of Neotropical Harvestmen (Arachnida: Opiliones) of Trinidad

Bower, Brittney (2019) Diversity of Marine Amphipoda in Northeast Trinidad

Dannenfelser, Chloe (2019) First Record of Tomicodon sp. on Salybia Reef, Northeastern Trinidad

Dietze, Kiara (2019) Effect of Sunlight Versus Shade on the Magnitude of Presence of Forensically Important Species of Diptera in Northeastern Trinidad

Guerrero, Marisa (2019) Field Comparison of Artificial Light on Moths (Lepidoptera) in Trinidad

Kamilar, Victoria (2019) An Evaluation fo the Hart Ticks (Ixodidae) Infecting Cane Toads (Rhinella marina) in northeastern Trinidad

McGee, Akayla (2019) A Comparison of Soil Quality and Nutrition Among Landmarks in Toco, Trinidad

McNeal, Rachel (2019) Habitat Preference of Forensically important Diptera in Toco, Trinidad, WI

Pemberton, Guy Luke (2019) An Analysis of Claw Strength in Mudflat Fiddler Crabs (Uca rapax)

Rodriguez, Briana N. (2019) A Preliminary Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in Eastern Trinidad Water Systems and Soil Sediment

Skinner, Kaitlyn (2019) On the Toad Again: A Study of Cane Toad (Rhinella marina) Tick Infections in Northeastern Trinidad

Uriostigui, Jessica (2019) Survey of Forensically Important Flies Present at Different Heights in Toco, Trinidad, West Indies



Akers, Lindsay (2017) Survey of Necrophagous Diptera Species Abundance and Diversity at Springfield Station, Commonwealth of Dominica

Akers, Lindsay, Chase Corrington, Kylee Ecker, Kristen Sarna, and Anchal Thomas (2017) Survey of Live Coral at Champagne Bay and Scott’s Head

Bradshaw, Matti (2017) Call Response in Dendroica petechia

Bradshaw, Mattie, Devon Eldrige, and Audry Holstead (2017) Streblidae Association with Different Bat Species and Genders

Bradshaw, Mattie, Devon Eldrige, and Audry Holstead (2017) Streblidae Association with Different Bat Species and Genders

Doggett, Travis (2017) A Survey and Discussion of the Geographical Range of Anolis cristatellus

Ecker, Jayne K (2017) The Habits of the Lesser Antillean Iguana (Iguana delicatissima)

Eldridge, Devon (2017) The Relationship Between Vocalizations of Eleutherodactylus imartinicensis and Body Size

Ethridge, Erich and Samuel Shook (2017) Survey of Insect Biodiversity in Arboreal and Ground Habitats on the Island of Dominica

Harling, John (2017) Study of Guinotia dentata Movements Relating to Water Sources and Burrows

Harling, John and Travis Doggett (2017) Prawn Population Diversity in the Check

Holstead, Audrey (2017) Study of Color and Sugar Concentration Preferences in Sericotes holosericeus and Coereba flaveola

Shook, Samuel Ryan (2017) Evaluation of the Diet of Odontomachus spp. on the Island of Dominica

Thomas, Anchal (2017) Comparison of Culicidae Present in Phytotelmata versus Stream Pools and General Survey of Culicidae at Springfield Station


Adams Dayvion (2016) A Survey of Nidicolous Arthropods Found in Abandoned Vertebrate Nests in Dominica, West Indies

Adams, Dayvion, Anita Boggs, Sarah Coe, and Wendy Diaz (2016) Which species of Sicydium Gobies are Present on the Island of Dominica, West Indies?

Boggs, Anita M. (2016) A Comparison of Urban, Rural and Agricultural Water pH

Chambless, Luke (2016) Hexapod Diversity of Dominican Monocotyledonous Plants in the Families Heliconiaceae and Zingiberaceae in Relation to Elevation

Coe, Sarah (2016) An Investigation of Color Pattern Variation in the Tink Frog, Eleutherodactylus martinicensis, at the Archbold Tropical Research and Education Center in Dominica, West Indies

Cooper, Colton (2016) A Survey of Arthropod Pests and IPM Strategies of Archbold Tropical Research and Education Center in Dominica, W.I.

Cooper, Colton, Amy Keiser, and Luke Chambless (2016) Survey of Pest Arthropods in and Around Urban Structures in Roseau, Dominica, and IPM Strategies to Control Pest Arthropods

Diaz, Wendy (2016) An Investigation of Substrate Scrapping Behavior in Three Species of Sicydiine Gobies (genus Sicydium) Inhabiting Freshwater Streams on Dominica, West Indies

Goebel, Brent (2016) Comparison of Flowering Plant Diversity and Insect Diversity at Varying Elevations Across Dominica, West Indies

Goebel, Brent, and Taylor Wenner (2016) A Survey of Nosema spp. and Varroa destructor mites in honey bee (Apis mellifera) Colonies Throughout Western Dominica Apiaries

Keiser, Amy (2016) Water Velocity Preferences of Water Striders (Hemiptera: Gerridae) in Dominica

Wenner, Taylor (2016) Vocalizations of the Frog Eleutherodactylus martinicensis in Relation to Temperature



Adams, Van (2015) Investigation of Possible Breeding Sites of Culex quinquefasciatus

Callahan, Robin Nicole (2015) Survey of Sphecidae on the Island of Dominica W.I.

Callahan, Robin Nicole, Sydney Beth Jones, and Shelby Kerrin Kilpatrick (2015) Light Signal Preference of Robopus lutzi (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) in Primary Rainforest in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Camp, Caitlin (2015) Survey of Nosema and Varroa Mites in Dominican Apiaries

Camp, Caitlin, Kathryn Ganter, Thomas McDaniel, and Marie Perez (2015) A Continuation of the Assessment of Coral Reef Health in the Island of Dominica

Collins, Catherine (2015) A Field Guide to Dominican Millipedes by Order

Collins, Ryan Selking, Van Adams, Andrew Evans, and Andrew Graf (2015) Observations of Ectoparasites on Bats at Different Dominican Locations

Cunningham,Grace (2015) Biparental Care Patterns of Amazona imperialis and Amazona arausiaca in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Cunningham, G., L. Fann, N. Gill, K. Keith-Hillhouse, and E. McGrew (2015) Microhabitat Preference and Coloration of the Freshwater Clingfish Gobiesox cephalus (Teleostei: Gobiesocidae) from Two Dominican Rivers

Evans, Andrew (2015) Survey of Aquatic Hymenopotera of Three Locations in Dominica, W.I.

Fann, Lauren (2015) Surveying the Microhabitat of Larvae in Heliconia caribaea and Glomeropitcairnia penduliflora at Different Elevations

Ganter, Kathryn (2015) Comparison of Soundscapes in Disturbed and Undisturbed Environments

Gill, Nicholas (2015) Total Morphological Comparison Between Anolis oculatus and Anolis cristatellus

Graf, Andrew (2015) A Survey of Odontomachus sp. and General Observations of Nesting Preferences on the Island Nation of Dominica in the West Indies

Jones, Sydney (2015) Habitat Distribution of Mites (Acari) on Anolis oculatus and Anolis cristatellus (Squamata: Polychrotidae) in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Keith-Hillhouse, Katrina DeAnne (2015) Comparative Photographic Study of Common Lesser Antillean Avian Nectarivore Bill Morphology in Dominica

Kilpatrick, Shelby Kerrin (2015) A Survey of Bee (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Apiformes) Biodiversity in Dominica, Lesser Antilles

McDaniel, Thomas (2015) A Comparison of Activity Time and Thermal Preferences Between Ameiva fuscata Age Groups

McGrew, Erin (2015) A Survey and Discussion of the Invasive Anolis cristatellus and the Endemic Anolis oculatus

Moore, Brittany (2015) Diversity of Alsophis sibonius Color Patterns

Moore, Brittany, Hannah Rice, and Meredith Stroud (2015) Diversity of Bat Species Across Dominica

Perez, Marie (2015) A Comparison of Morphological Differences Between Gymnophthalmus spp. in Dominica, West Indies

Rice, Hannah (2015) Color Preferences of Two Species of Dominican Hummingbirds and Bananaquits

Selking, Ryan (2015) A Comparison of Spider Family Diversity on Vegetation Between Primary Rainforest and Secondary Rainforest

Stroud, Meredith (2015) Song Variation of the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch in Different Locations of Dominica



Bejcek, Justin (2014) Study of Thysanopteran Distribution Among Different Flower Species Around Springfield Research Station, Dominica

Bowman, Amanda (2014)_ Survey of Mosquito Population of Dominica by Use of Larval Rearing

Bowman, Amanda, Justin Bejeck, and Christopher Tarrand (2014) A Survey of Ectoparasite Populations Found on Poultry on Dominica

Crider, Andrew Ryan (2014) Survey of Trees for Examination of Habitat Preference in Tree-Dwelling Insects on Dominica

Crider, Andrew Ryan, Bryant Andrew McDowell, and Kristin Rainosek (2014) A Survey of Scarabaeoidea on Dominica

Encaracion, Diana (2014) A Comparison among Ameiva fuscata Between Habitats and Sexual/Age Groups

Encarnacion, Diana, Sarah Hurd, Neil Jones, Jessica Sannwaldt, and Haley Stehling (2014) An Assessment and Comparison of Reef Health in Dominica

Forks, Kaitlyn (2014) Sexual Dimorphism in Anolis oculatus

Forks, Kaitlyn, Melissa Hopkins, Sarah Veillon, Whitney Ward (2014) The Diet of the Freshwater Clingfish, Gobiesox cephalus (Teleostei: Gobiescidae)

Hinojosa, Michael (2014) Analyses of the Fungi of the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Hinojosa, Michael, and Brandi Trost (2014) Analysis of Soils on the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Hopkins, Melissa (2014) Sexual Dimorphism in Artibeus jamaicensis

Hurd, Sarah (2014) A Survey of Collembola on Dominica

Jones, Neil Sheppard Cort (2014) Analysis of Claw Size in Guinotia dentata

McDowell, Bryant (2014) Diversity of Insects and Related Arthropods in Springfield, Dominica, Attracted to Carrion Baited Flight and Pitfall Traps

Rainosek, Kristin (2014) Chalcidoid Diversity Amongst Different Habitats on the Island of Dominica

Sannwaldt, Jessica (2014) Feeding Habits and Behaviors of Dominican Hummingbirds

Stehling, Haley (2014) Analysis of Soil Moisture in the Guinotia dentata Crab Burrows of Dominica

Tarrand, Chris (2014) Mosquito Feeding Periodicy in an Isolated, Domesticated Environment

Trost, Brandi (2014) Field Guide to the Caribbean Flora Seen Throughout Study Abroad Dominica 2014

Veillon, Sarah (2014) Variation in Calls of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis

Ward, Whitney (2014) An Analysis of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis Vocalizations as a Function of Rain forest Elevation Modifications


Alander, Kerstin (2013) Survey on the Super Family Pyaloidea and Their Relatives in the Wet Secondary Rainforest on the Island of Dominica

Alander, Kerstin, Emily Bach, Emily Crews, and Megan Smith (2013) Distribution of Hermit Crab Sizes on the Island of Dominica

Bach, Emily (2013) A Study Determining Dominican Bat Species Using Echolocation Call Structure

Carter, Kristina (2013) A Study of the Sex-specific Interactions of Eulampis jugularis and Heliconia species on Dominica

Casillas, Gaston (2013) Soundscape Ecology of Tink Frogs

Casillas Gaston, Kristina Carter, Lara Kreuter, Candice Ferguson, and Alejandra Mendez (2013) Size Variation in Anolis oculatus Between Dominican Habitats

Crews, Emily (2013) Survey of Ticks on Reptilian Hosts on the Island of Dominica, West Indies

Ferguson,Candice (2013) Vocalizations of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis as a function of distances from a stream in Dominica

Hemingson,Christopher (2013) A Study of Sicydium punctatum: the Correlation Between Goby Size and River Flow Rate

Hemingson, Christopher, and Marissa Rowley (2013) Earthworm Sampling: A Study of the Density and Diversity of Earthworms Present on the Island of Dominica for use in Organic Farming

Jo, Young Rovin (2013) Behavior of the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch (Loxigilla noctis) in Dominica

Kreuter,Lara (2013) Survey of Amazona imperialis on the Island of Dominica

MacNames, Ross (2013) Territorial Behavior in Anolis oculatus and Anolis cristatellus

MacNames, Ross, Molly Oden, Sierra Padilla, and Matt Stankey (2013) Morphological Differences Between Three Common Dominican Snake Species

Mendez, Alejandra (2013) Foraging of Host Plants by Butterflies on Dominica, Lesser Antilles

Oden, Molly (2013) Comparison of Songs Between the Four Mimid Species of Dominica

Padilla, Sierra (2013) Dispersion of a Common Mantis Species on Dominica

Restuccia, Danielle (2013) A Study of Territoriality in Dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera) on the Island of Dominica, West Indies

Rowley, Marissa (2013) Interspecific Competition Between Prawns in the Checkhall River

Smith, Megan (2013) Feeding and Foraging Behaviors of Dominican Hummingbirds and the Bananaquit in Relation to Feeder Height

Sotelo, Liana (2013) Survey of Calling Behavior of Orthoptera Species at Springfield, Dominica

Sotelo, Liana, Young “Rovin” Jo, and Danielle Restuccia (2013) Diptera Survey on the Island of Dominica

Stankey, Matthew (2013) Behavioral Study of Sicydium punctatum in the Checkhall River


Beach, Devin M. (2012) An Analysis of the Succession Pattern of Diptera Attracted Throughout Stages of Carrion Decomposition

Cabrera, Fernanda (2012) Success Rates of Habitat Restoration Projects in Dominica

Cabrera, Fernanda, Kelsey English, and Kiersten Wiley (2012) Attacks on Sergeant Major Fish Nests Verses Size and Color and Male Sergeant Major

Demarest, Katheryn (2012) Characteristics o Thecadactylus rapicauda Vocalizations in Dominica

Dinh, Thuong (Emily) Nguyen (2012) The Effectiveness of 2-Litre Bottle Light Traps in Collecting Aquatic Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) and Other Aquatic Insects on the Island of Dominica, W.I.

Dinh, Thuong (Emily), Sarah Henderson, Catherine Saenz, Xanthe Shirley, and Juliet Vallejo (2012) Host Specificity of the Bat Flies (Diptera: Streblidae) of Dominica, West Indies

English, Kelsey (2012) A Study of the Health Care System in Dominica

Garcia,Alan (2012) Guinotia denetata Attraction to Color Introduced to Mimic their Burrows and Nocturnal Behaviour

Garcia-Lozano, Alan, Brittany Rocha, and Joshua Santelises (2012) Tick-Transmitted Babesia in Cattle on the Island of Dominica

Gerrity, David (2012) Sexual Dimorphism and Observations of Sexual Differences in Behavior in Molossus molossus

Gerrity, David J., Katheryn Demarest, Travis Pruitt, Sarah Sarkhosh, and Andrea M. James (2012) A Study of Echolocation Calls of the Bats of Dominica

Henderson, Sarah (2012) Nesting Behavior of Sphecidae on Dominica

James, Andrea M. (2012) The Agouti of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Dasyprocta leporina

Martinez, Theadora (2012) Organic Agriculture in Dominica: An exploration of production techniques, market, and public opinion

Pruitt, Travis (2012) Sexual Dimorphism in Monophyllus plethodon

Rocha, Brittany (2012) An Evaluation of Livestock Production and Veterinary Medicine in Dominica

Saenz, Catherine (2012) Survey of Orthoptera in Dominica, W.I.

Santelises, Joshua (2012) A Study of Coccidiosis in Livestock in the Island of Dominica

Sarkhosh, Sarah (2012) Relationships Between Morphology and Rainforest Type in Eleutherodactylus martinicensis

Seyler, Lorilyn (2012) A Photographic Field Guide to the Millipedes of Dominica by Order

Shirley, Xanthe (2012) A Photographic Dichotomous Key to the Families of Auchenorrhyncha of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Tinder, Amanda C. (2012) A Survey of Aquatic Organisms Living in Water in Heliconia wagneriana and Tillandsia utriculata on the Island of Dominica

Vallejo, Juliet (2012) Flower Length and Nectar Variation Between Heliconia bihai and Heliconia caribaea

Weizer, Jessica (2012) Field Guide to Insects Found on native Palms of Dominica

Weizer, Jessica, Devin Beach, Lorilyn Seyler, Amanda Tinder, and Thea Martinez (2012) Survey of Auchenorryncha Found in Malaise Traps on the Island of Dominica

Wiley, Kiersten (2012) Comparison of Calls of the Rufous-Throated Solitaire in Different Locations on Dominica


Blackburn, Hannah J. (2011) Is Hexanchorus caraibus (Coquerel) Associated with highly Oxygenated Water (Coleoptera: Elmidae)?

Chappell, Angel (2011) Photographic Guide to Epiphytic Plants of Dominica

Dunn,Samantha (2011) Intraspecies and Interspecies Interactions of the Male Bluehead Wrasse, Thalasomma bifasciatum, at Champagne Bay and Scott’s Head, Dominica

Dunn, Samantha, Monika Libson, Tina Luong, Bailey Patterson, Elizabeth Wakefield, Adam Wilcox (2011) A Comparison of Estuaries in Dominica

Grant, Caitlin (2011) A Photographic Field Guide to the Sphingidae at the Archbold Tropical Research and Education Centre

Horner, Michele (2011) An Overview of the History of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADS) in Dominica

Jimenez, Patricia Citlally (2011) Activity Pattern of Dominica Bats

Libson, Monika (2011) Nesting Behavior of the Male Sergeant Major

Luong, Tina (2011) Aggression and Territoriality Among Three Dominican Hummingbirds

Mann, Alyssa (2011) Survey of Mosquitoes and Larvae in Dominica, W.I.

Medina Heather (2011) Characteristics of Echolocation Calls of Bats in Dominica

Medina, Heather, Heather Woods, Michele Horner, Patricia Jimenez, and Zac Zemanek (2011) A Survey of Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Debris on Dominica’s Coastal Zones

Mejorado, Alba (2011) Rates of Parasitization of Toxoptera citricida, the Brown Citrus Aphid, in Dominica

Newman, Kara (2011) A Photographic Field Guide to the Neuroptera of Dominica, West Indies

Newman, Kara, Roxanne Ramirez, Alba Mejorado, Alyssa Mann, and Hannah J. Blackburn (2011) Sampling the Beetle Fauna of Dominica in 2011

Patterson, Bailey (2011) Morphological Variation Between the Endemic Anolis oculatus and the invasive Anolis cristatellus

Ramirez, Roxanne (2011) The Biology of Blephariceridae in Dominica

Sutton, Jessi (2011) A Study of the Relative Random/Non-Random Distribution of Termitaria Found in Dominica

Sutton, Jessi, Angel Chappell, and Caitlin Grant (2011) A Survey of Galls & Leaf Miners in Dominica, West Indies

Wakefield, Elizabeth (2011) A Photographic Field Guide to Fish Species at Scott’s Head and Champagne Reef

Wilcox, Adam (2011) Photographic Field Guide to the Marine Invertebrates of Dominica

Zemanek, Zachary (2011) A Preliminary Study of Sicydium and Prawn Population Density of Pools in the Spring Field River Above and Below Road Construction


Arnold, Lauren (2010) Hummingbird Foraging Flight and Energy Usage: A Study of Flight Forms and Time Allocation on the Island of Dominica

Arnold, Lauren, Sarah Davis, Danielle Macedo, Jamie Morris, Ariel Sklar, and Regan Stockman (2010) A comparative Study of Dominican Coral Reef Health and Influencing Factors

Bayles, M. Amber (2010) Differing Insect Foraging Behaviors of Three Dominican Birdsy, the Gray Kingbird (Tyrannus dominicensis), the Scaly-breasted Thrasher (Margarops fuscus), and the Brown Trembler (Cinclocerthia ruficauda)

Bayles, Amber and Alyson A. Klimitchek (2010) Song Variation of the Bananaquit and Lesser Antillean Bull Finch Between Mature Rainforest and Secondary Succession Forest Areas of Dominica

Burback, Britney (2010) A Preliminary Study of the Fishes in the Batali River Mouth, the Checkhall River, the Castle Bruce River Mouth and Middleham Falls Pool in Dominica W.I.

Burback, Britney, Loni Cantu, and Kinnie Eijsink (2010) Habitat Study of Sicydium species at the Checkhall River: The Correlation Between Velocity, Depth, Dissolved Oxygen, and Substrate in Relation to Goby Fish Abundance

Davis, Sarah (2010) A Comparative Study of Morphological Characteristics Between Fruit-Eating and Insect-Eating Bats of Dominica

Duffie, Laura (2010) A Comparison of Factors Affecting Bat Maneuverability Around a Stationary Obstacle

Eijsink, Kinnie (2010) GIS Mapping of Dominica Study Abroad

Klimitchek, Alyson Ann (2010) Photographic Guide to the Family Melastomataceae on Dominica

Lee, Vanessa (2010) A Photographic Survey of Dominican Aculeate Hymenoptera

Macedo, Danielle (2010) A Study of the Abundance of Diadema antillarum Relative to the Benthic Coverage of Dominica

Minarcik, Ali (2010) Conservation Status and Recovery of Amazona imperialis and Amazona arausiaca on the Island of Dominica

Minarcik, Ali, Laura Duffie, Sammy Reinhart, Travis Roof, and Kate Turner (2010) An Assessment of Eco-Lodges in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Morris, Jamie (2010) Mating Behavior of Caribbean Reef Squid, Sepioteuthis sepioidea

Ramos, Christina (2010) Survey of Dominican Cockroaches

Reinhart, Sammy (2010) A Survey and Discussion of the Invasion of Anolis cristatellus and its effects on the endemic Anolis oculatus

Reyes, Nadia (2010) A Photographic Field Guide to the Coleoptera of Dominica, W.I.

Reyes, Nadia, and Vanessa Lee (2010) Behavioral and Morphological Observations if Ignelater luminosus in Dominica

Roof, Travis (2010) Adaptive Bathymetric System Mapping of Champagne Reef and Scott’s Head

Sklar, Ariel (2010) General Behavior of the Male Bluehead Wrasse, Thalassoma bifasciatum, at Champagne Bay and Scott’s Head, Dominica

Stockman, Reagan (2010) Comparison of Reef Fish Populations at Two Sites Off the Southwest Shore of the Commonwealth of Dominica

Turner, Kate (2010) Niche Market Tourism in Dominica


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