Projects 2000-2009


Barclay, Jeannette L. (2009) A Survey of Sacaridae on Champagne Marine Reserve, Dominica WI

Barclay, Jeannette L., Robyn S. Dabney, Megan R. Groneman, and Michael A. Wachter (2009) A Study of Primary Productivity of Thalassia testudinum in the Northeast Region of Dominica Using CARICOMP Methodology

Barrera, Daniel (2002) Patterns in the Foraging Time of Eastern Caribbean Hummingbirds as a Function of Sucrose Concentration

Dabney, Robyn (2009) A Study of the Abundance of Diadema antillarum in Relation to Coral Abundance at Champagne Reef, Dominica, W.I.

Garcia, Cassandra J. (2009) A Survey of the Hemiptera Fauna on the Island of Dominica

Groneman, Megan (2009) Observation of Dasyprocta leporina Effects on Dispersal of Large Seeds

Hixon, Sarah (2009) A Guide to Bird Calls and Songs in Dominica, WI

Hranitsky Lindsey (2009) A Survey of the Family Sphingidae in Springfield, Dominica

Loftis-Peavy, Vanessa (2009) A Photographic Field Guide to the Odonata of Dominica

Miculka, Bryan (2009) Burrowing Habits, Habitat Selections, and Behaviors of Four Common Dominican Land Crabs; Guinotia dentata, Gecarcinus lateralis, Gecarcinus ruricola, and Cardisoma guanhumi

Nessner, Caitlin E. (2009) A survey of insects inhabiting the invasive aquatic plant Hydrilla verticillata on the island of Dominica, W.I.

Nessner, Caitlin, Cassandra Garcia, Vanessa Loftis-Peavy, and Charity Owings (2009) A Survey of the Aquatic Insects of Dominica

Owings, Charity (2009) A Comparative Survey of Calliphorid Attraction to Microbe-Laden and Antibiotic Treated Beef Liver

Palacios, Monica (2009) Vocal Behavior of the Rufous-Throated Solitaire in Dominica, WI

Palacios, Monica, Kyle Toomey, Lakeisha Shaw, and Lindsey Hranitzky (2009) A Study of Babesia in Cattle on the Island of Dominica

Shaw, Lakeisha (2009) Observations on Riffle Beetle (Hexanchorus caraibus) Behavior and Associated Insects

Toomey, Kyle (2009) A Continuing Study of the Mushrooms on the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Wachter, MIchael (2009) Territorial Behavior of the Dusky Damselfish, Stegastes fuscus, at Champagne Reef

Whitmire, Amanda (2009) Feeding Habits of the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch

Whitmire, Amanda, Bethan Wilkins, Sarah Hixon, and Brian Miculka (2009) Morphology and Flight Speeds of Artibeus jamaicensis, Sturnira lilium, Tadarida brasiliensis, and Pteronotus davyi

Wilkins, Bethany (2009) Foraging and Aggressive Behaviors of Dominican Hummingbirds and Territorial Aggression of the Purple-throated Carib in Relation to Feeder Distribution


Brooks, Ashley M. (2008) Diagnoses of Chytridiomycosis on Dominica

Brooks, Ashley, M, Christine L. Richmond, and Diana L. Warrendorf (2008) Flight Speeds of Artibeus jamaicensis and Monophyllus plethodon

Corso, Mandy (2008) Population Estimate of the Chiropteran Emergence at Stinking Hole, Dominica

Corso, Mandy and Maxwell Fontanier (2008) A Photographic Field Guide to Epiphytic Vascular Plants on Dominica

Fontanier, Maxwell (2008) Description and Survey of Epiphytic Coverage of Trees by Vascular Plants on Dominica with Respect to Horizontal and Vertical Surfaces

George, Lindsey (2008) The Effect of Temperature on Species Composition in Subtidal Rocky Reef Zones on Champagne Reef

George, Lindsey, Selyna Nunez, Katy Schumann, and Rachel Williams (2008) Coral Richness in Relation to Depth and Water Quality at Champagne Reef

Locke, Mason L. (2008) Livestock on the Island of Dominica

Korth, Kelly (2008) Foraging Patterns and Behavior of Tyrannus dominicensis

Korth, Kelly, and Sara Melton (2008) Intraspecific and Interspecific Comparisons of Frog Vocalizations on Dominica

Ladigo, Amanda (2008) A Photographic Field Guide to the Spiders of Dominica, West Indies

Ladigo, Amanda, Mason Locke, Andrea Walker, and Michelle Wood (2008) Rodent Sampling at Archbold Tropical Research and Education Center

Locke, Mason (2008) Livestock on the Island of Dominica

Melton, Sara (2008) Male Population Density of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis at Springfield Plantation

Morris, Brendon (2008) An Initial Survey of the Heteropteran and Auchenorrhynchan Fauna of ATREC and Surrounding Areas

Morris, Brendan, Kristen Rodriguez, and Stephen Powell (2008) A Survey of the Aquatic insects Collected Using Malaise Traps Along the Checkhall River and Respective Tributaries

Nunez, Selyna (2008) Photographic Field Guide to Mushrooms on the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Powell, Stephen (2008) A Survey of the Order Lepidoptera on the Island of Dominica

Richmond, Christine (2008) Mapping of the Springfield Estates

Rodriguez, Kristen (2008) Fairtrade, Dominica’s Shining Light

Schumann, Katy (2008) The Population Density of Diadema antillarum at Champagne Reef at Scott’s Head Soufriere Marine Reserve

Walker, Andrea (2008) A Glossary Guide to Bird Calls and Songs in Dominica, WI

Warrendorf, Diana (2008) Chytridiomycosis in Dominica: An Assessment of Field Practices

Williams, Rachel (2008) Caribbean Reef Squid, Sepioteuthis sepioidea, Coloration and Behavior

Wood, Michelle (2008) Biodiversity of Arthropods in the Canopy at the Archbold Tropical Research and Education Center


Alexander, Kristen (2007) A Select Survey of Roosting Sites and Flight Corridors of Bats in Dominica, West Indies

Alexander, Kristen (2007) A Photographic Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Dominica, West Indies

Brawner, Briana (2007) A Study of the Correlation Between Length of Limb and Height Captured of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis

Brawner, Briana, Stephen Ross, Kyle Wallace, and Rickey Wallace (2007) A Study of the Comparative Densities of Parrotfish on the North and South Side of Rodney’s Rock

Comte, Jarrod R. (2007) GIS Mapping of the Archbold Tropical Research and Education Center

Kohut, Morgan (2007) A Study of Riffle Beetle Behavior in the Checkhall River (Coleoptera: Elmidae)

Martinez, Steven Paul (2007) A Photo Illustrated Guide to the Moss Families of the Island of Dominica

Martinez, Steven Paul, Stevie Meyer, and Lauren Ward (2007) A Photo Illustrated Guide to the Polypores (Shelf Mushrooms) of the Island of Dominica

Meyer, Stephen (2007) Microhabitat Selection in Xiphocarpus elongata with Respect to Light Intensity

Moore, Jessica, Morgan Kohut, and Jarrod Comte (2007) Molossus molossus Distress Sounds

More, Jessica (2007) Vocalizations of Molossus molossus

Mullins, Patricia (2007) A Survey of Insects Living In Heliconia wagneriana and Heliconia rostrata on the Island of Dominica, W.I.

Mullins, Patricia, and Eric Tate (2007) An Initial Survey of the Relationship Between Figs and Fig Wasps on the Island of Dominica, W.I.

Peredo, Angie (2007) Millipedes: An Examination of the Different Orders on the Island of Dominica

Ross, Stephen (2007) Comparison of Stephen’s Light Trap against Malaise Traps

Tate, Eric (2007) Ticks of Dominica and Evaluation of Current Treatments in Place

Towers, Lloyd W. (2007) A Photographic Field Guide to the Bats of the West Indian Island of Dominica

Wallace, Kyle (2007) GIS Mapping of Dominica, West Indies

Wallace, Rickey (2007) Frequency of Percnon gibbesi in relation to Diadema antillarum at Rodney’s Rock

Ward, Lauren (2007) Habitat Specificity of Selected Spiders of Dominica


Cammack, Jonathan A. (2006) A Survey of the Necrophilus Diptera on the Island of Dominica

Campbell, Carolyn (2006) Density of Bearded Fireworms in Dominica

Catanach, Therese A. (2006) A Survey of Leafhoppers (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) on Dominica, WI

Catanach, Therese A., and Jonathan A. Cammack (2006) A Survey of Fulgoroid Planthoppers (Hemiptera) on Dominica, WI

Divine, Lauren (2006) The Association of Urchin Density and Phytoplankton Abundance at Rodney’s Rock and Champagne Bay, Dominica

Divine, Lauren, Carolyn Campbell, Ricci Loughridge, and Travis Krause (2006) A Comparison of Brain Coral Bleaching and Water Quality at Champagne Bay and Rodney’s Rock

Ellis, Charlotte (2006) Katydids of Dominica

Gayler, Murph (2006) The Distribution, Foraging Areas and Behavior of the Flycatcher Species at Springfield, Dominica

Krause, Travis P. (2006) Agriculture Pesticide Legislation and Issues on Dominica

Liou, Isaac (2006) Dominica’s Hospital and Health Practice

Loughridge, Ricci (2006) Ecomorphs of Anolis on Dominica: The Relationship of Morphology to Performance

Manago, D’Angela (2006) A Survey of the Mites on Anolis oculatus in Dominica

Manago, D’Angela, Jennifer Munse, and Kayla Sagebiel (2006) A Study of Butterfly-Flower Associations on Dominica

Martin, Laura (2006) The History of Agroforestry in Dominica

Martin, Laura, Karl Roeder, Christina Ramos, and Charlotte Ellis (2006) Plant Host Specificity of Leaf Beetles

Munse, Jennifer (2006) Leatherback Sea Turtle Nesting in Dominica

Priesmeyer, Whitney J. (2006) Observations on Iguana delicatissima and Conservation Status on Dominica

Roeder, Karl (2006) Infestation Rates of Drosophila melanogaster in Tropical Mangos on the Island of Dominica from may 25th to June 9th 2006

Sagebiel, Kayla (2006) Dasyprocta leporina Agoutis on Dominica


Bayless, Brooke (2005) Diet Study of Eleutherodactylus martinicensis and Anolis oculatus

Bayless, Brooke (2005) Study of Veterinary Practices and Canine Disease in Dominica Compared to the United States

Cotten, Taylor (2005) Bat Netting Strategies on Dominica

Cotten, Taylor, Sadra Daniels, Sarah Null, and Beth Smith (2005) Survey of Fishes in Deep Water Near Rodney’s Rock

Daniels, Sadra (2005) A Comparison of Epiphyte Coverage on Ficus insipida and Cecropia schreberiana

Ewell, Kristal (2005) A Study of Fish Abundance South of Rodney’s Rock

Hoffman, Kristy (2005) Size and Number Variation Between Bracts on Heliconia bihai and Heliconia caribaea

Hoffman, Kristy, Kristal Ewell, Lauren Minnich, and Rachel Tan (2005) Diversity of Shallow Reef Fish at Rodney’s Rock

Minnich, Lauren (2005) A Study of Epidemiology on Dominica

Null, Sarah (2005) Survey of the Breeding Habits of Mosquitoes at Springfield Research Station, Dominica

Patel, Megha (2005) Medicinal Plant Use in Dominica

Patel, Megha, Meghan Pugh, Ariana Y. Renteria, Geoffrey Tarbox, and Hannah Tayor (2005) Herpetofauna Density in Dominica

Pugh, Megan (2005) Territorial habits of Stegastes fuscus

Smith, Beth (2005) A Comparison of Maneuverability of Fruit-Eating and Insect-Eating Bats of Dominica

Tan, Rachel (2005) Understanding the Operation and Accuracy of the Global Position Unit

Tarbox, Geoffrey (2005) habitat Selection by Dominica Anoles

Taylor, Hannah (2005) The Comparison of Insectivorous and Frugivorous Bat Species in Two Different Environments


Crocker, Ashton V. (2004) Design and Use of a Harp Trap for Assessment of Resident Microchiropteran Species and Associated Ectoparasites at Stinking Hole, Dominica

Crocker, Ashton, Clink Venable, and Kristy Venable (2004) Thermoregulation in Microchiroptera: a Study of a Resident Population of Tadarida brasiliensis at Massacre Cave, Dominica, West Indies

Donohoe, Emily (2004) Herbal Approaches Used to Treat Diabetes in Dominica

Duffel, Ali (2004) A Survey of Forest Structure on Mount Joy

Duffel, Ali, Emily Donohoe, Justin Girdler, and Jeremy Rice (2004) Comparison of Pool and Riffle Fauna in the Check Hall River

Felix, Michele, Cassie Kalinec, Julia Lemmon, Carl Raetzsch, A.J. Vale, and Andrew Woolley (2004) Sea Urchin Density Along a Depth Gradient at Rodney’s Rock and Champagne Bay, Dominica

Felix, Michele (2004) Age Distribution of Bluehead Wrasse, Thalassoma bifasciatum, at Tarou Point and Champagne

Girdler, Justin (2004) Microclimate Regulation of Anolis oculatus on the Island of Dominica

Kalinec, Cassy (2004) Control of Plant diseases in Organic Cropping on the Nature Island, Dominica

Lemmon, Julia (2004) Quick-Reference Pictorial Key to the Prawns of the Check Hall River

Raetszch, Carl (2004) Size and Morphology of Anolis oculatus Along an Elevation Gradient at Selected Areas of Dominica

Rice, Jeremy (2004) Territorial Nature of Sicydium punctatum

Venable, Clint (2004) Territorial Behavior in the Redlip Blenny

Venable, Kristy (2004) Photographic Guide to the Freshwater and Terrestrial Crabs of Dominica


Adams, Noelle (2003) Height in Relation to Splash Zone of Snail Populations on Champagne Beach

Adams, Noelle, Rosanna Flores, Sarah Weber, and Corinne Young (2003) Differences in Reproductive Cycles and Pregnancy Affecting Foraging Heights in Dominican Bats

Decker, Thomas (2003) A Preliminary Study of the Effectiveness of Various Traps for the Capture of Non-Formicid Hymenoptera

Ferrara, Samara (2003) Anolis oculatus Habitat Selection

Flores,Rosanna (2003) Observations of Territorial Behavior of Stegastes fuscus

Franzen, Petra (2003) Foraging Patterns of Dominican Birds on Carica papaya

Franzen, Petra, Jennifer Olexy, and Jessica Miedema (2003) Diversity of Bat Species in Selected Habitats of Dominica

Johnican, Lauren (2003) The Balance Between Pristine Nature and a Rising Economy in Dominica

Koehler, Allison (2003) Feeding Preferences of Prawns in the Check Hall River

Koehler, Alison, Darcy Koehn, Rachel Mohr, Jason Sweny, and William Wells (2003) A Survey of Fish on Rock Bob

Koehn, Darcy (2003) A Survey of Rat Populations at Springfield Plantation

Miedema, Jessica (2003) Foraging Habits and Frequencies and Eurema venuste

Mohr, Rachel (2003) Arthropod Capture Technique Comparison and Analysis

Montes, Celia (2003) Observation of the Coereba flaveola (Bananaquit) on Springfield Plantation Feed Habits, Commonwealth of Dominica W.I.

Montes, Celia, Lauren Johnican, Samara Ferrara, and Thomas Decker (2003) Biodiversity Along an Altitudinal Gradient at SPECTRE

Olexy, Jennifer (2003) Diversity of Shore Birds on Dominica, W.I.

Sweny, Jason (2003) Analysis of Streblid Flies on Dominican Bats

Weber, Sarah (2003) Foraging Time of the Green-Throated Carib Based on Changing Sucrose Levels of Heleconia on the Island of Dominica

Wells, William (2003) Biodiversity of non-Formicid Hymenoptera


Bridgegam, Sean (2002) Cabrits Beetle Display

Burklund, Adam (2002) Survey of Pineapples and Their Place on Dominica

Casey, Jessica (2002) Carbon Dioxide Evolution of Soils

Dickerson, Joe (2002) Dominican Beach Profiles and Wave Energy

Hooker, Amanda (2002) Environmental Perspective of Dominican People

Kerekgyarto, Michael (2002) Behavior of Male Ignelator luminosus

Lacher, Iara (2002) Diversity of Pteropsida in Various Habitats of Dominica

Manning, Molly (2002) Dominicans vs Americans: An Intercultural Showdown

Marable, Seth (2002) Field Guide to Ants that Live in Wood and Within Termite Mounds of Springfield Research Station

Marable, Seth, White Wolman, Sean Bridegam, Mike Police, and John Schwarzlose (2002) Beetle Diversity at Three Locations on Dominica Estimated by Traps in Canopy and Ground Malaise Traps

Meyer, Meagan (2002) A Photo Field Guide to Coral Species Located at Scott’s Head and Champagne Reef

Millican, Jonathan (2002) Similarities Among Tink Frog Calls in Secondary Rainforest of Dominica Island

Moreira, Sidia (2002) Survey of Aedes Mosquitoes in Dominica, W.I.

Morrison, Jennifer (2002) Exhibit of Dominican Moths Found at Springfield Plantation

Morrison, Will (2002) Interspecies Competition of Prawns in the Checkhall River

Morrison, Will, Lori Valentine, Michael Kerehgyorto, and Adam Burklund (2002) Anole Density and Biomass in Dominica

Police, Mike (2002) Dominican Schools: A Socio-Historical Survey

Schwarzlose, John (2002) An Analysis of the Fisheries of Dominica

Shah, Neha (2002) Freedom Fighting Founding Fathers

Shah, Neha, Iara Lacher, Sidia Moreira, and Jennifer Morrison (2002) Habitats of Dominica: A Documentary Video

Vale, Arturo (2002) A Characterization, Correlation, and Comparison of Tree Gecko and Tink Frog Vocalizations of Dominica

Valentine, Lori (2002) Morphological Variation in Anolis oculatus Between Dominican Habitats

Wolman, Whit (2002) Tink Frog Density


Ajayi, Adetokunbo (2001) The Territorial Behavior of the Mountain Chicken

Anderson, Luke (2001) The Effect of Springfield on a Natural Water System

Anderson, Luke, Mandy Stanford, and Jessica Weems (2001) Interspecific Competition of Stegastes fuscus

Bedgood, Tasha (2001) Field Guide to the Butterflies of the Springfield Plantation

Bennett, Melissa (2001) A Comparative Survey of Tree Damage at Cabrits National Park and Emerald Pool

Duncan, Sean (2001) Cultivated Plants of Dominica

Duncan, Sean, and Susan Harvey (2001) Algal Survey of Rodney’s Rock

Harvey, Susan (2001) Guide to Palms and Palm-like Plants

Hoffman, Jennifer (2001) A Study of Location and Occupancy of Gecarcinus riricola Burrows in Dominica

Hoffman, Jennifer, Dean Leathers, Courtney Martin, Brandi Quick, and Matt Roberts (2001) A Field Guide to the Reef Fish of Tarou Point

Hunter, Devera D. (2001) Comparative Study of Sexual Dimorphism in Six Species of Dominican Bats

Hunter, Devra, Robin Reinhardt, Debbie Scott, and Alex Vilaythong (2001) Analysis of Ectoparasites of Dominican Bats

Leathers, Dean (2001) Site Analysis and Underwater Topography of Rodney’s Rock

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Quick, Debbie (2001) Feeding Behavior of Lesser Antillean Bullfinch

Reinhardt, Robin (2001) Feeding Times and Aggressive Behaviors of Dominican Hummingbirds

Roberts, Matthew (2001) Pool Volume and Macrobrachium in the Check Hall River

Standford, Mandy (2001) The Abundance of Diadema antillarum at Rodney’s Rock

Swick, Holly (2001) Effective of Stream Flow on Distribution of Prawns in the Check Hall River

Swick, Holli and Melissa Bennett (2001) Echolocation Calls of Dominican Bats

Vest, Mandi (2001) Dominica Banana Industry

Vilaythong, Alex (2001) Beetle Diversity at Various Heights in the Canopies

Weems, Jessica (2001) Ant Species Diversity at Different Heights Along the F. insipida


Augustine, Sarah (2000) Effects of Pollution on Phytoplankton Abundance in Coastal Waters of Dominica, W.I. Augustine, Sarah, Autumn Griffith, Charlie Johnson, and Hee Kim (2000) Field Guide to Prawns of the Check Hall River

Augustine, Sarah, Autumn Griffith, Charlie Johnson, and Hee Kim (2000) Field Guide to Prawns of the Check Hall River

Benavides, Lucille H. (2000) A Diversity Study of Leaf Litter Ants of The Primary and Secondary Forests of Dominica

Benavides, Lucille, E.C. Chaves, Jeremiah Dye, and Edith Kretsch (2000) Comparison of Beetle Diversity Between the Canopy and Ground in a Secondary Rainforest on Dominica

Biernat, Angelica (2000) Territorial Behavior in Dominican Land Crabs Gecarcinus ruricola and Gecarcinus lateralis

Biernat, Angelica, Meghan Kirk, Sam Noynaert, Angelica Skeeles (2000) Echolocation Call Sequences of the Dominican Bats Molossus molossus and Tadarida brasiliensis

Bradshaw, Chris (2000) Flow Rateand the Density of Gobiidae, Sicydium punctatum, in Dominica

Chandler, Jenn, Kelly Crook, Sarah Israel, and Eric McAfee (2000) The Effects of Eco-Tourism on Dominica

Chavez, Eduardo C. (2000) Survey and Comparison of the Ant Fauna (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of Secondary Forest and Severely Impacted Regions of Dominica

Crook, Kelly E. (2000) High Quality H20: A Comparative Study of Pristine Forest Streams and Those Containing Agricultural Run-off on the Island of Domincia

Dye, Jeremiah (2000) Tree Climbing as a Means of Studying Arboreal Ant Populations

Griffith, Autumn N. (2000) The Almighty Trembler: the Method Behind the Madness

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Kretsch, Edith (2000) Courtship Behavior of Ignelater luminosus

McAfee, Eric (2000) Aggressiveness and Mating Behaviors in Loxigilla noctis

Noynaert, Sam (2000) The Economic Situation of Dominica and its Environmental Impact

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Wade, Nicole and Chris Bradshaw (2000) Roosting Site Preferences of Artibeus jamaicensis, Natalus stramineus, Monophyllus plethodon, Molossus molossus, and Tadarida brasiliensis in Dominica

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