Projects 1990-1999


Ahlquist, Beth (1999) Ecological Succession After Fire at Mt. Joy

Ahlquist, Beth, Laura Anderson, Micah Bishop, Brian Fontenot, and Kat Rhoads (1999) Dominican Fishing Industry

Anderson, Laura (1999) The Species and Associated Microhabitats of the Springfield Estate Hummingbirds

Bishop, Micah Andrew (1999) The Effect of Terrain, Vegetation, and Other Factors on the Diversity and Distribution of Birds Indigenous to Springfield

Bock, Jennifer, Marcia Clarke, Melanie Hart, Kami Jones, Kim Ostiguin, and Misty Trawhan (1999) The Effect of Beach Composition on the Seashells of Dominica

Bock, Jennifer (1999) Census of Insects and Arachnids Present in Ginger Flowers on Dominica

Clarke, Marcia (1999) Typhoid Fever on Dominica

Fontenot, Brian, Jason Snelgrove, and Catherine Zindler (1999) Calling Site and Body Size Evaluation of Leptodactylus fallax

Fontenot, Brian (1999) Thermoregulatory Patterns of Anolis occulatus and Ameiva fuscata

Hart, Melanie (1999) Dengue Fever on the Island of Dominica

Moore, Mark (1999) Don’t Take Nature Away from Dominica

Moore, Mark (1999) Recreating on Dominica

Newton, Pamela and Shannon Waterhouse (1999) Patterns in Times and Locations of Bird Captures on the Springfield Estate

Newton, Pamela (1999) Possible Causes of Reduction in Bat Captures on the Springfield Estate

Ostiguin, Kim (1999) Observations of the Host Plants of Coereba flavelola (Bananaquit) on Springfield

Snelgrove, Jason (1999) Survey of the Change in Vegetation with an Increase in Elevation Using Global Positioning Systems

Waterhouse, Shannon (1999) Effects of Nature on Mist Netting for Dominican Bats

Zindler, Catherine (1999) The Relationship Between the Ponerine Ants and the Nasutiform Termites on the Island of Dominica


Brady, Cheryl (1998) Determining the Habitat of an Aquatic Wasp in the Check Hall River

Brady, Cheryl, Marsha Reimer, Emily Towers, and Laura Worsham (1998) Comparative Analysis of Water Quality Based on Benthic Macroinvertebrates

Bronstad, Kelly (1998) The Difference of Shell Number and Morphology by Region

Coulter, Priscilla (1998) Observation of Bioluminescence in Pyrophorus pellucens

Echols, Wendy (1998) The Forests of Dominica: A Study of Forest Structure

Inman, Lindsey, Wendy Echols, Rachel Zammit, and Crystal McDanel (1998) Fern Guide to S.C.E.P.T.R.E.

Gibbens, Randy (1998) Dasheen Farming and the Effect of Slope on Soil Fertility

Gibbens, Randy, Karen Price, an Christine Springer (1998) The Incidence of Citrus Blackfly on Citrus Grown in the Wild and in Banana Groves

Inman, Lindsey (1998) Comparisons in U.S. and Dominican Floriculture

Labrenz, Cary (1998) Species Diversity of Bats at Springfield Estate

Labrenz, Cary, Natalie Holzen, Jana Mullinax, Laurie Warriner, and Alyssa Kubiak (1998) Ecology of Dominican Bats

McDanel, Crysta (1998) A study of the Growth Habits of Costus speciosus Found on S.C.E.P.T.R.E.

Mullen, Carter (1998) Frog Density in the Rainforest

Mullen, Carter, and Shannon Powers (1998) Herpetological Field Guide

Mullinax, Jana and Natalie Holzen (1998) Study of Tadarida brasiliensis and Molossus molossus including: Frequencies Emitted, Foraging Times, Flight Patterns, Sexual Dimorphism

Powers, Shannon (1998) Comparison of Distribution and Abundance of Herps in a Burned Area and a Forested Area

Price, Karen (1998) Diseases of Ferns of Dominica

Reimer, Marsha May (1998) The Trembler’s Tremble

Springer, Christine M. (1998) The Diversity of Life in Heliconias and Bromiliads

Talbert, Clint (1998) Foragin Behavior of the Odontomachus Ants on Dominica

Talbert, Clint, Priscilla Coulter, and Kelly Bronstad (1998) Behavior of the Mountain Whistler in Dominica

Towers, Emily L. (1998) Exploring Tropical Ecology: A Creative Learning Activity Guide

Warriner, Laurie and Alyssa Kubiak (1998) Ectoparasites of Dominican Bats in Springfield

Zammit, Rachel (1998) Pictoral Guide to Medicinal Plants of S.C.E.P.T.E.R.

Zammit, Rachel (1998) Medicinal Plants of Dominica: A Pictorial Field Guide



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