Students conduct field research at the Archbold Tropical Research and Education Centre and nearby national parks. Individual and group research projects include animal and plant ecology, plant-insect interactions, biodiversity of Dominica, and marine and freshwater aquatic ecosystems. Students design projects, collect data, analyze results, and prepare a professional research article. The program includes numerous challenging hikes, allowing the students to experience Dominica’s diverse flora and fauna, and activities like snorkeling and marine mammal watching.


Course Information

WFSC/ENTO 300: Field Studies (3 cr)
WFSC/ENTO 450: Caribbean Conservation (2 cr)
WFSC/ENTO 451: Caribbean Research Seminar (1 cr)
WFSC/ENTO 485: Directed Studies (1 cr. Spring term)


Important Documents

Syllabus Spring 2017




Liat Baggage Policy

Archbold Handbook



Lectures 2017

Lecture 1 (Jan. 23) – Introduction to the Dominica Program

Lecture 2 (Jan. 30) – Tropical Ecology

Lecture 3 (Feb. 6) – Geology and Geography of Dominica, Plant Communities and Biological Habitats

Lecture 4 (Feb. 20) – History and culture of Dominica and the Caribbean

Lecture 5 (Feb. 27) – Designing a field project

Lecture 6 (Mar. 6) – Quantification and Statistics

Lecture 7 (April 3) – The Journal and your Research Papers

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