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Student Video: Jessica Uriostigui


Student Persepectives: John Harling

Date: 6/9/2017 Weather: Approximatly 82 F at ATREC We were in the clouds part of th etime on the hike. There was minimial rain and the rest of th etime it was sunny and cloudy Places Visited: Boiling Lake Archbold Tropical Research Education Center (ATREC) Progress on Projects: Travis submitted our prawn project report for us while I was hiking Other activities of note: We hiked to boiling lake today, which was located in Morne Trais Pitons National Park I sent my parent an email today We swam… Read More →

Student Journal Entry: Sam Shook

  May 27th Weather: Mid-High 80s, few clouds, sunny Places Visited: Sopringfield Rosan Botanical Gardens Events of the Day: After breakfast, Erich and I went down to the creek to check for suitable trees for traps, then I came back up and left with Travis and the marine group. They dropped off Travis and I at the entrance of a trail at the Botanical Gardens and left. We climbed the trail to the top of the hill, stopping several times for Travis to note the locations of anoles,… Read More →

Student Journal Entry: Lindsay Akers

    May 26 Today rocked, like very other day. Started out the morning having my cereal stolen by the cat. I still don’t understand why she’s targeted me as her victim. After breakfast, we went on our first exploration of the camp site. It took a sold 30 minutes before we even left the gates because we were looking at so many plant and wildlife species. Pretty much every tree here can be described as “tall, green with wide leaves and fruit.” Dr. Woolley actually tried to… Read More →

Student Journal Entry: Anchal Thomas

June 5th — I’m 21! Project updates: Collect samples and went to Champagne beach to perform final transect. Identified Culex quincifaciatus, Culex buski, and an unknown. Time: 7:14 AM (slept in) Location: Springfield, Champagne beach Weather: Beautiful. I’m 21!!! Ugh best day ever. I slept in and was laet to breakfast but still enjoyed my two pieces of Nutella toast. Afterwards, I went down to the stream and finished collecting all of my mosquito samples. Afterwards I went upstairs and got ready and the marine group went to… Read More →

Student Journal Entry: Matti

6/11/2017 Weather: Rainy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon Where: Dive Dominica, Champagne Beach, Scott’s Head   What: Pic up was at 8 am. Devon and I were the first ones on the bus for once. Drove to dive Dominica Tried on flippers and had to have the guy help me because I had no idea what I was doing. He laughed because I told him I had fat feet. Snorkeled at Champagne Beach I inhaled about a gallon of salt water since it was my first… Read More →

Student Journal Entry: Kristen Sarna

Dominica Day 15: Tuesday June 6th Activities: This morning seemed to be a lot harder for everyone to make it out of bed. Most people made it down around 7:10 am. Anchal actually woke up, checked Instagram, liked my pic, and then fell back to sleep so I still had to go wake her up.   After breakfast we met Clem to get on the bus for our morning adventures. First we drove over to freshwater lake where we walked around and enjoyed the view. It was so… Read More →

Student Journal Entry: Devon

June 3rd 2017 Weather: Sunny and in the high 80s F, so in better words HOT, when not raining Location: Springfield, Roseau, Stinking Hole     What I did: After breakfast, we headed into the town of Roseau to do some shopping. We left around 8:30 am and it was bout a 20 minute drive. I’m not a big fan of cities in the first place, but I like shopping but I wasn’t fond of the city. Most of the shops had the same little trinkets but I… Read More →